Animal Encounters

Close encounters of the animal kind!

People make an emotional connection with animals at zoos that can last a lifetime! Families can visit our zoo and have unique animal experiences together every time they visit. Our up close and personal animal encounters allow our visitors to really connect with the animals and fall in love with them. And thats our mission at the zoo to connect visitors with our amazing wildlife and inspire and educate them on wildlife conservation

Wildlife HQ Zoo Animal Encounter – get up close & personal with some of our animals on the Sunshine Coast, get a photo to take home of your great experience. Whether it is for you or a friend you won’t want to miss out on getting to meet some of our animals.

Aussie Animal Encounters

Encounters done daily 10.30am to 2.30pm weather permitting.

Native Animal Encounters are $30 pp.
Snake Encounters are $20 pp.

Asian Animal Encounters

Encounters done daily 10.30am to 2.30pm weather permitting.

Each encounter with either binturongs, red pandas (only available in winter) or sun bears is $50 pp.

African Animal Encounters

Encounters done daily 10.30am to 2.30pm weather permitting.

Each encounter with Ring Tailed Lemurs is $50 pp. 

Meerkats are $50 pp. 

South American Animal Encounters

Encounters done daily 10.30am to 2.30pm weather permitting.

Each animal encounter is $50 pp. Boa Constrictor is $20 (max. 4 people in photograph).

Hear what people are saying about Animal Encounters

I had an absolutely fantastic day at wildlife hq today. I did the zookeeper for a day experience and recommend it highly to everyone! The interaction with the animals coupled with the passion the staff have for the animals in their care made it a day I will remember.

All the zookeepers and staff made sure I had a great experience but I would like to give a special shout out to Christy who I followed for most of the day. Christie bought knowledge and humour to the day and was just cool to hang out with.

Thanks wildlife hq. I hope to be back soon

Source: Facebook

David Petrucci

5 Stars, 12th March 2016

Thanks again to the team at Wildlife HQ for your hospitality today.

I can tell you really put effort, creativity, hard work and love into the care of your animals and your guests!

The Red Panda and Binturong encounters were sensational. The staff were super friendly and passionate and the talks a great mix of conservation key points, biology and ecology.

Outstanding work

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Krystal Volitans

5 Stars, 29th May 2016

I went to Wildlife HQ today…OMG – Who would have thought that this so called ‘adult’ could have so much fun, like a kid again. I had the best day – didn’t want it to end.
Wildlife HQ is an awesome place, the staff are so friendly and have such a love for what they do.
I did the Adult Zoo Keeper for a day, I had an experience like never before. Kristi was my personal keeper for the day, she is very passionate about her work and has such a broad knowledge, thank you so much for your time and making this experience unforgettable.
Thank you to Teal, Rachel and all the other hard working staff at Wildlife HQ, I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to experience something that will be with you for the rest of your life.
Also – thank you to the animals, it wouldn’t have been possible to have such a day without them….

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Lou Stone

5 Stars, 19th July 2016

I had an excellent day at Wildlife HQ. I loved the way a lot of the animals can wonder around with each other looking relaxed and happy. It was fun to have the up close and personal experience with a lot of the animals. The monkeys are devious and they have a cheeky emu who likes males.
I loved Bob Irwin’s new reptile exhibited too. Wow, what a great present for his birthday.
All the animals look happy and healthy and zoo is kept is very good order. There is a lovely rain forest walk which takes you through to the other part of the zoo which makes it all the more interesting. Lots of animals had babies which was very sweet to see family interaction too. I recommend the zoo to everyone for a wonderful day of fun. It’s worth the visit.

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Yulan Lawson

5 Stars, 30th June 2016

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