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Located at the Sunshine Coasts iconic Big Pineapple
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About the Zoo

Wildlife HQ is home to native and exotic animals from around the world! We are located at the Iconic Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast QLD. The story of Wildlife HQ is akin to the story of Noah’s Ark. Zoo owner, Julie Seabrook and her team of dedicated Keepers, undertook the mammoth task of moving 200 animals from Alma Park Zoo to their new home at Wildlife HQ. If you thought moving home was tough, try packing a herd of Indian Blackbuck, Red Pandas, troops of South American monkeys, a bearcat, and pack of dingos…Read More

Zoo Keepers Café

Introducing Zoo Keepers café, make your special day at Wildlife Hq Zoo complete with a satisfying drink or refreshment at our new cafe.

Zoo Keepers Café caters for everyone with a host of options to suit all families, at great prices that will not break the budget.

Our in house barista is always whipping up awesome coffees and iced coffees that will keep the coffee connoisseurs happy.

For the kids or anyone wanting a cold drink we have Ice cold slushies, and the drinks fridge is fully stocked with pretty much every drink you can imagine.

We now have a variety of food options available, both hot and cold. We also cater for gluten free and vegetarians so come in and check out the new menu.

We still have the Peters Ice cream fridge filled to the brim with all your favourites, and summer sees the return of the much loved Island Way range of Sorbets.

So take the hassle out of your next trip to the zoo and lets us cater for you. We are also able to cater for Parties and groups at the zoo but pre booking is required.

Our History

Alma Zoo When Alma Park Zoo closed in March 2014 to make way for a housing development in the area. Julie negotiated with owners of the Zoo to assume ownership of the animal collection. Julie and her Keepers established the new Wildlife HQ in Woombye to accommodate the 200 animals safely in their new permanent home at the Big Pineapple.

Zoo Keeper for a Day

Wildlife HQ Zoo offer a unique VIP experience for $299 per adult and $199 per child. The package includes an average of 6 up close and personal experiences and can be tailored to your interests – native or exotic animals. You will have a personalised tour of the animals you choose for your package, along with a keeper who can tell you all about the animals you are meeting. You are more than welcome to bring your own camera and our staff will help capture the experience. Or you can purchase photos taken by our staff member.

Email info@whqzoo.com to find out more information.

TV/Film Work With Wildlife HQ Animals

Did you know that many of our animals are available to be featured for Film and TV work? There is the option to film at Wildlife HQ or some animals can even be brought to offsite set locations. Recently Arlo, one of our Wildlife HQ koalas featured in an NRMA advertising package. Arlo was a star and helped raise awareness as well as $50 000 for Koala Conservation.

If you’d like more information on what we can offer, please email info@whqzoo.com

Whilst it was devastating to see Alma Park Zoo close after 45 years, keeping all the animals with their Keepers at the new Wildlife HQ was the best possible outcome.



For the animals with complex and multifaceted social relationships, maintaining their social bonds by staying together rather than being dispersed to other Zoo’s was the best solution for their continued health and well being. This solution also provided Keepers with the opportunity to continue to develop the bonds they had established with animals they have worked with for a number of years.

The Big Pineapple

The Big Pineapple


The move to the Big Pineapple was a win-win for both unique animals and talented people. Julie and the team at Wildlife HQ are now embarking on a new era.

We are focused on providing lifetime care for animals of Wildlife HQ whilst educating families and children about our environment and conservation.


In July 2015 the team at Wildlife HQ were thrilled to achieve accreditation under the ZAA Accreditation Program.


The position of ZAA is that all zoos and aquariums have a responsibility to ensure a high standard of animal welfare for all animals in their care. Conservation, education, research and recreational goals of zoological organisations must be underpinned by positive animal welfare.


The Accreditation Program is an industry-specific approach to assessing animal welfare states for zoos and aquariums.

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